NY I LOVE YOU is an ode to independent music of the greatest city on earth.

It’s a peek at artists, with little-to-no following, that are unique to the city. Before they get all famous, they take a pitstop at the Harlem Sanctuary to share a few songs...Read More.



Creative School of Thought  releases its first illustrated children's book.


Will Allen is no ordinary farmer. A former basketball star, he’s as tall as his truck, and he can hold a cabbage, or a basketball, in one hand. But what is most special about Farmer Will is that he can see what others can’t see. When he looked at an abandoned city lot he saw a huge table, big enough to feed the whole world. No space, no problem. Poor soil, there’s a solution. Need help, found it. Farmer Will is a genius in solving problems. In 2008, the MacArthur Foundation named him one. Read More.