Bill Gates is an incredibly powerful statesman, able to personally sway the course of human endeavors simply through sheer financial support. But far more important than that, is his ability to focus the attention (and efforts) of the world on the core issues of our most profound challenges. 

Unencumbered by political pressures, Bill can look ahead at the state of the world and determine the best course of action, not the most popular or convenient. In order to effect public discourse—that of statesmen, scientists, voters, philanthropists, and such—he needs to have his own vehicle too for direct contact to his constituents. A place where he can house and disseminate information he thinks is most important. This is the purpose of The Gates Notes.

Inspired by Bill’s prolific note taking habits and his incredible outpouring of writings an conversations, the Gates Notes is the world’s behind the scenes look at global matters. It's mission is to incite intellectual action. Relatively un-polished, often off the cuff, always personal and humanizing, never preachy or too heady, the Gates Notes gives you the info you can’t find searching the web. It goes behind the facts, finds the books you never heard of and connects you to people and places that play a surprising role in the fate of the world. You'll leave the site smarter, better informed, and hopefully motivated to dig deeper, and get involved.