The 48 Hour Film Project gave us two days to write, shoot and edit this film. Everyone had to be a volunteer. We couldn't start until friday night. This is how it went down:

7pm, Friday night they gave us a prop (an orange), a line of dialoge ("I can't believe you said that"), a charachter (Van Saskia, the carpenter) and a genre of film (dark comedy) that we had to use. 

Our movie, Fingerphilia, screened on May 18th, at the Harvard Exit Theater. The sold out crowd was in hysterics from our dark comedy.

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We wrote all night long. Saturday call time was 4am. We shot all day, and edited at the same time. In the morning we finished off the edit. BAM! We made a film, turned it in with 22 minutes to spare.

Here is the result:

"Fingerphilia: A Story of a Hoarder" - After loosing his fingers in a carpentry accident, Master carpenter, Van Saskia, writes the best-selling novel "Carving Your Way Foward," a book about overcoming difficult obstacles in life, but the handicap that inspired the book has left him with a very odd obsession. 

Without further adieu, we present the first ever production of the Creative School of Thought.

Much fun, big thanks to the most amazing team in the festival:

Cast & Crew:
Eric Larkin, Will Hardyman, Ashley Nelson, Val Brunetto, Marco Scaringi, Robyn Scaringi, Samuel Stubblefield, Olin Padilla, Raheem Billingsly, Mike Gieson, Rickee Epps, Tojo Andrianarivo, Sarah Knotts, Ashley Burns, Eric Schnoor
Speacial Thanks to:
Elliott Bay Book Company, Cafe Vita, Creature Seattle, Steve Hawley