Project Timeline


(Add a second page chart version of this with dates/deadlines and a calendar)

Write a short write-up of what we hope to accomplish (vision of the project)
(Ashley set-up blog)
(Ashley: write-up vision of project and put on blog)
(Ashley: production schedule)

2.   Outline our idea.
Develop list of 10-15 ideas
Add tag lines and idea of narrative to ideas
Narrow down to 2-3 strong ideas: discuss/actualize the concept
(consider cost, set design, characters,the message, feasibility)
    D.  Choose one idea- GO!

NOTE: Your story, your framework must be unique, original, clever, funny, socially intriguing, inspiring to a group of people, a social commentary that sheds light on humanity, a strong character piece, and much more for an oscar nod.
What do we want to say? What’s the message we want to convey…and to whom?

3. Write out the script.(this step gets more time for development)DEADLINE: NOV. 14th
consider script supervisor/writer?
character development
plot development, etc.
    (pp: begin courting a DP)

4. Develop Budget (parallel planning with scriptwriting)

5. Determine the setting of scenes: Scout and secure locations

6. Breakdown sheet- Decide what you need for each scene

7. Storyboard each shot in the film.
Visually organize the story (Sarah would be good at this)
Decide what each shot in the movie is going to be. For example, wide shot, over the shoulder, tracking shot, close up, extreme close up, medium wide shot. crane shot, dolly shot, etc.

8. Determine equipment needed.
 This will help us choose our crew

9. Determine/recruit crew.
For crew you are going to need as many people as possible, but at least the following:
Camera Man
Director of photography
Sound recorder
Costume and make-up person.
Craft service.
someone who knows something about lighting
A production assistant
Craigslist postings/references/school postings
Schedule interviews: cast the vision
Give recruited members the schedule
(Ashley: balance the budget)

10. Begin casting.
set-up auditions/audition locations
(have an understudy for the lead in case they are flaky)
choose cast, confirm schedules, contracts, etc. give them scripts

11. Determine props, make-up, costumes
find talent for props, make-up, costumes
(Ashley: check in on budget)

12. Work with talent.
Schedule rehearsals with the talent
Schedule dress rehearsal
Director works with talent

13. SHOOT!
(a thorough and specific production timeline will be developed)
remember to provide meals and schedule breaks and expense money

14. Editing: Color, sound, etc.

15. Cast/Crew Party and Screening
express gratitude…applaud camaraderie…recast the big vision

16. Promoting/Screening: Schedule communal viewings, film festivals, etc.
Enter the film into at least 15-20 screenings
IDEA:(at first host screenings ONLY to attract audiences to watch collectively) then release it via viral spreading

**Let’s aim to shoot at the end of January…things are typically slow for everyone involved**
Rough time frame: October- May (rough sketch—still working on this)
October- November 14th: Script Development/Budget
November 14- end of November: Assemble production crew/scout location
December: Casting
January: FILMING
February: Editing
March: Promoting entry to film festivals/community discussions
April: Promoting film festivals/community discussions
May: Ashley presents at Ackerman


Producer paperwork/contract Sources: