Notes to Self

things to consider:
Wendy Ewald- two fold experience, which one is the art? the product or the byproduct? the children’s portraits or is the art the children’s experience of making something amazing.
-learning to focus in on what (w)hole really does. How does it effect the community and who is the audience?

What’s the goal of this short film? Who are we telling the story to and what will be the message that is reverberated through our production?

How can I get the community more involved? (consider how the event was for the screening at IAM- broke screening.

Make a production timeline- send out to the team by Saturday!
Look up great short films for inspiration of how to tell this story
what is the subject matter we want to discuss?
Fill in log lines
Narrow down the script choices to 3 by next Saturday
Reach out to a Christian or non-christian screenwriter to help write

holding up a poicture to people’s life to help peole look at themselves.
picttures of life and love
what are we trying to say? and to whom? What message are we putting out there to the world.

Film schedule:Tuesdays 1-6pm production work
Saturday: collaborative film work- 3-6