Jump Film

Ed takes a long walk to a bridge and has a battle over his fate with his worst enemy - his own thoughts. The story is an allegory of the id, the ego and the super ego. The film is for anyone that has looked suicide in the face and lived to tell the story.

This is a clip from the film, Jump. Although I hesitate to put it on the internet because the film was intended to spark conversation upon viewing. For each screening of the film, the music is stripped from the soundtrack and performed live by a musician. The film is also accompanied by discussion about mental health and suicide.


Director / Executive Producer - Eric Larkin 
Producer - Ashley Larkin 
Producer - Aisha Jabour

DP - Alberto Mojica 
Ed - Tim Wardel 
Thought - Johan Kahlilian 

Editor - BettyJo Moore

Two interviews by Eric-Shabazz Larkin that inspired the film, Jump.

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