In the Depths of My Solitude, Why Don't you Call? A Collaboration of Tupac Shakur and James Blake Directed by Eric Larkin and Zion Shabazz

This is the first in a series films where the Creative School of Thought will bring Tupac Shakur's poetry to life by pairing them with contemporary artists like James Blake. Director, Zion Shabazz says, "it's important to honor the written word. It's important to breathe life into the art of the past, so that it won't be forgotten...I hope that when I grow old, people will be taking my work and doing odd things with it."

This film is a mashup of Tupac's poem, "In the Depths of My Solitude"
and James Blake's song "Why don't you Call?"

Directed by Zion Shabazz and Eric Larkin 
Produced by Creative School of Thought 
Featuring Eric Larkin and Ashley Burn