The RBG+D Kinect Hack Does Great Things

Here at The Creators Project, we’re all about Kinect hacks and the people and projects that have emerged with the Kinect’s most awesome applications. One of our favorites from recent memory is the RGB+D Toolkit, which we learned about when we interviewed its creators. Now we get a new application of this concept in a music video.

Portland, Oregon native Jon Lindsay developed his original sound as an indie folk rocker. On his most recent LP,Summer Wilderness Program, Lindsay began to experiment with new sounds, and new video technique, as his third single “Oceans More” reveals. To keep the momentum moving for Summer Wilderness Program, which was released on June 26th this past summer, “Oceans More” took on a more technologically aesthetic approach to further help redefine his sound.

Teaming up with producer/editor Chris Walldorf, director Mortimer Jones, and cinematographer, Adam Stone, Lindsay’s video was possible thanks to the RGB+D Toolkit. To use the technique, a Kinect camera captures 3D information and translates it into a digital video. Then, the syncing process happens. This involves layering video around the 3D information capture from the Kinect camera. All of the shots were initially static and had camera motion added during post production.

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