Chiptune Remixes Daft Punk

In this tech-enabled world, where you can harness the sound of anything and manipulate it in any way you damn well please, people inexplicably dive for confined formats. With sampling cart blanche as the reality, full album mashups became the fad. And while hi fi production became more accesible than ever before, lo fi music experienced a resurgence to provide a counterbalance. If human beings thrive on limitations, then the life of the chiptune makes a lot of sense.

Chiptunes limit the producer to the sounds a video game console is capable of (those tinny, synthesized tones) using emulators and often actual Game Boy parts. Over the past decade or so, chiptunes have grown into a full fledge genre, with major producers incorporating the 8bit sound into their releases. Of course, there remains a truly dedicated community of musicians that deal strictly in chiptunes, and it’s that worldwide crew that came together to produce Da Chip, a compilation of Daft Punk covers done chiptune style.

Volume 1 dropped in 2009, and at long last there is a second volume that covers more classics, as well as the ground covered by Daft Punk in the last couple of years. Both compilations are free downloads at Da Chip’s website.

Hear the newly released Volume 2 right here.