Jump X LUKEINTERNET 10.10.14

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Day, Creative School of Thought premiered Jump X over the weekend, featuring a live score by LUKEINTERNET of a short film about suicide called "Jump."

The premiere was just the start, so if you’re bummed about missing the aforementioned awesomeness, fret not. We want Jump X to be a movement, sparking open conversation and increasing awareness about mental health. As such, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Jump X tour. A plan to take this project to bars and music venues all over NYC.

Check back at thejumpfilm.com often for dates and times.

Aimed at breaking the stigma of mental health, “Jump” follows the story of Ed, a man contemplating suicide. When Ed decides he can no longer live with himself, he goes to jump off a bridge. There, he meets his worst enemy: his thoughts, which manifest in a physical form. The two then have an intense conversation on the bridge, battling out their fate.

If you weren’t one of our lovely audience members, here’s what you missed:

  • A live music score, performed by the ever-so-talented LukeInternet
  • A discussion panel with members of the cast, crew and mental health community
  • A memorial for suicide victims
  • The launch of our #INeedToTalk campaign
  • A screening that merged music, film and meaningful dialogue
  • And, of course, a few tasty beverages

Article by Christina Licud