The New ABC's - Animated Typography

Designer Jeroen Krielaars of the Dutch firm Calango, has shared with us his new animated typeface Moshun (Mo-shun, ya' get it?) -- further evidence that multimedia is revolutionizing graphic design, from branding down to type itself.

Moshun’s a fairly simple design -- done in just two days in Illustrator and After Effect -- that happens to leap, spiral, and shimmy into place. So your computer screen starts out with a rough assortment of shapes and lines that are quickly assembled into the playful, modern-arty letters you see here. It’s what you’d get if Alexander Calder were a typographically minded computer nerd.

Is this the next big thing in typeface design? “I think animated fonts could be a new (small) market,” Krielaars tells us in an email. “I can think of possibilities for brands or TV channels.”

But he might be underselling himself. As we’ve pointed out before, the digital world is increasingly where brands are built and killed, whether you’re talking about Facebook pages, embedded ads, or corporate Web sites. Innovative companies that want to make their names pop -- literally -- will flock to non-static typography. Unfortunately for Krielaars, there’s no way to turn Moshun into a full-blown font at the moment. Though we're betting that you'll see more projects like this soon.

[Via Motionographer & Fast Code Design]