4 Questions for Rafaël Rozendaal

Rafaël Rozendaal represents a new breed of artists in the same way Vincent van Gogh did to the late 1800's. He uses a variety of mediums but one of the most ground breaking would have to be his use of the internet. Well versed in many mediums, Rozendaal has found a way to create new ones all together. Here he is with an actual painting of a digital painting.

See more of his portraits at newrafael.com

The Creative School of Thought sat down with Rafaël Rozendaal not to long ago and asked him four questions.

Here is our Q&A via the internet:

1 - What was the inspiration behind your series of online installations found at nerafael.com? What has been the result, response, challenge or reaction from the world of canvas and paint?

the internet has always been the start. but exhibiting in art spaces
is a challenge and it is nice to be asked. you feel appreciated.
i try to make big and bold gestures.
canvas and paint: i think you are referring to my drawings? i have not
made that many paintings, just a few when its needed. drawings are
closer to me. i have always made drawings, i really like the ritual.
the response: people say they like it, have not sold so many yet, a
few, but im waiting for it to "pop".

2 - You seem to be moving your work all over the place and as far as it can go.  How do you find inspiration to keep doing it?

- curiosity
- keeping busy to fight a feeling of emptiness
- hunger for fame
- heroes (dali lichtenstein malevich lynch etc)
- making money without having to answer to anyone
- because its really really nice

3 - If you could teach the world anything creative what would you show and tell?

I might show this: a collection of paintings i love.

im not sure what is the best format for education. i think attitude and ideas cant be taught. they are your character. it is about humor and vision and friends and love and traveling. i would say look at everything you want to look at, and test yourself to find out what you love the most.
i believe in software lessons, those are truly necessary. and hanging out with other artists helps to find out a bit about economic strategies.

4- So what do think the the roll of education plays in the development of an artist?

i am very suspicious of education. if anything, i would say, do a lot. do what you like doing and people will ask you to do more of that. eventually they will even pay for it. if ideas stay in your head noone can see them.

See more of Rozendaal's work at newrafael.com